Thursday, July 8, 2010

Doctor's Visit Today!

Today was a scorcher!! Almost 100 degrees out today, which for Portland is a BIG deal! Last summer we had 10 days in a row of 100 degree weather, or something like that, and that was the worst. Alex wasn't born yet, so we spent a lot of time at the movies and Jacob even bought us a window air conditioning unit for our apartment. We can't really take a baby to the movies and our air conditioner won't work with the type of windows we have in our new house (ARRRRGH!) Now, being from Sacramento where there are many, many days of hot weather, you would think that I wouldn't be fazed by a small heatwave like this. I mean, it didn't even officially crack 100 degrees today (only 97!). But, I will tell you that no one has air conditioners in the Northwest. It must be some sort of law or something, because we have never had an air conditioner in the four different rentals we have had since we've been up here. That makes the hot weather truly, seriously unbearable.

Alex is doing pretty good in this heatwave. I think the heat makes him sleepy. I have him in just a diaper, which looks funny because it's been so cold up until a couple of weeks ago that he was still in long sleeves and pants! (see picture at right, taken only 1 week ago!) I showed him how fun it can be to sing into a fan because it makes your voice sound choppy. He liked that! He looked surprised at first, and then he had a very serious expression like he was trying to figure out how it worked. Jacob has the same look when he is concentrating on an engineering thing or when he is reading one of his books about the stock market or quants or statistics. I have to get a picture of that look sometime soon.
Alex had a doctor's appointment today, because he has a little infected pimple thing on his bottom from a diaper rash. So he has to take some antibiotics, which he promptly spit out as soon as I put it in his mouth! What a kid. I hope the medicine works quickly because I also have to soak his bottom in a bath for fifteen minutes everyday, and as his grandma can attest, ALEX HATES TAKING A BATH! He screams like a banshee everytime he is in the tub. I swear the water is neither hot nor cold, but he screams like he is either being boiled alive or placed in a tub of ice water. I thought boys weren't supposed to hate bathing until they were twelve. I guess I was wrong! So that will be fun bathing him every night for that long. Usually, he's in and out in five minutes because he hates it so much. Well, maybe this way he'll learn to like it.
To be continued...

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  1. Yah! I remember that scream! LOL! Hope he gets used to it FAST!