Friday, July 9, 2010


Ahhhhh... So much nicer today, temperature-wise! Only mid-nineties, but right now it is nice and breezy and much, much cooler. Alex only slept six hours last night, I think because it was so hot!

This morning he sat in his highchair and I showed him how to make coffee. He was very interested, and it's never too early to show the kids how to make coffee for Mommy...

While I drank my coffee (iced because it was pretty warm outside) we made a grocery list.

Today he practiced touching and grabbing. He held his toy, but then decided that he'd rather just suck on his fist:

After he was done with that, he decided that it was a good time to practice his push ups:
He can lift his head all the way up, but I didn't get the camera out in time before he started getting mad and crying.

Also, he did really well with his 15 minute bath! I was very impressed that he only cried for about half of it, then he seemed to realize that it wasn't so bad after all and calmed down. I don't think he actually liked it, but we will see how if it improves tomorrow!

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