Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mama's Big Night Out

Well, last night, for the first time since I had my litttle bundle of joy, I went to see a movie! In a theater! By myself! Jacob goes to see movies by himself all the time, because, as he says, going to the movies is not what you would call a social event. He's right: you're in the dark, you're not supposed to talk, and everyone is staring straight ahead at the screen. But, for some reason, I just couldn't imagine walking up to the kiosk, saying, "Ticket for one," going up to the ticket ripper guy without anyone beside me, and going into the theater and finding a single seat. Everyone would know that I was there by myself! They'd point and whisper about me. Well, of course I didn't really think that, but it felt akin to going to a restaurant alone.
Anyway, after months of Jacob encouraging me to go see a movie, I finally did it. And you know what? It wasn't that bad! I felt really good, actually! Because I WAS OUT!! I found myself smiling through the first few trailers, feeling really proud of myself, until one of the trailers showed a little boy crying, and suddenly I wanted to bolt out of the theater and go home to my baby!
I stayed in my seat, though, and I had a really nice time. I enjoyed Eat Pray Love a lot. I had to get over the fact that Julia Roberts' character was a completely self-absorbed idiot, but once I did, I loved the beautiful scenery, especially the parts in Rome.
I really missed Jacob during the Rome part of the movie, because it reminded me of our honeymoon, which we spent in Rome. Ah, the sights of the ruins, the cobbled streets, and the crowds of tourists mixed in with the Romans, the sounds of the beautiful Italian language, and the beautiful imagery of Italian food!!! I found myself transported back there, and it was wonderful! Definitely my favorite portion of the movie, and I wish that the whole movie took place there!
Well, now that I made the leap into solo-theater going, I will definitely try it again soon! I saw a few trailers of movies that I want to see next time! Maybe we'll have a couple of visits from some grandmas soon, and Jacob and I can see a movie together... (wink wink!)

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  1. Yah! good for you, I can relate to the baby crying part, LOL!