Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Memories of a Tea Party

Would you like a spot of tea?

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom and I have been collecting tea cups. The rules of selection were simple: the tea cups had to feature a purple flower, and they had to be pretty! Violets, lilacs, pansies, and butterflies grace the delicate contours of the porcelain.

The cups all have different shapes. This one, above, has a scalloped edging on the saucer and came from an antique store. I remember having a lot of fun with my mom at antique malls and thrift shops. It's always such a fun experience to take a step back in time and what people used to have in their homes before I was born. Has anyone noticed how items from the 80's have crept their way into antique shops lately? I don't believe that anything after 1975 should be considered antique. What do you think?

In selecting our tea cups, mom and I did not religate ourselves to antique stores. This one is brand new and we bought it at a tea shop, which had a gift shop in the front. Mom and I went there for tea a few times. They had the cute little sandwiches and delicious pastries to go along with their vast tea selection. Once we took my grandma there, and it was really quite the afternoon, with three generations of ladies taking high tea, you can't go wrong!

Another selection from an antique store. My mom loves violets, and she always had African violets in pots in the kitchen window (I think she still does!) Everytime I see a violet, I have to inhale the delicate, yet intoxicating fragrance, and I think of my mom.

This one we found at an antique mall. I remember it was in a glass case, and we were so enthralled with the delicate lilac painted on the front, and when we purchased it and got it home, we realized that on the other side of the cup was a huge, ugly white rose! We always kept it turned like this, even though it's backward, to hide the rose. (I forgot to take a picture of the other side!)

This cup is also new. I'm not sure where we got this one! But you can definitely notice a difference in styles between old and new. The new ones are thicker porcelain and have cleaner, more modern lines.

This one is of a later style, although it was purchased used, it is not what you would call a true antique. Still very pretty though!

Lately I've been enjoying pomegranate green tea. Jacob drinks tea, too, but not out of these babies! Somehow I don't think that men enjoy the delicacy of these dainty cups! When I was pregnant with Alex I drank lemon ginger tea and mango black tea, since I couldn't drink coffee. I remember my Grandpa Bill taught me to drink tea with milk and sugar when he took me out to a fancy lunch. I had never heard of that before, but it is really delicious!

I love this claw-footed cup, which gives it such an oriental flare. Our friend and neighbor Mary gave it to us, because she knew mom and I collected them. I think this is my favorite cup!

For my 14th birthday, even though our collection was not quite complete, we still had a good enough number of tea cups to have a tea party birthday. My mom decorated our backyard and set tables with lace table clothes, beautiful bouquets, and our beloved tea cup collection for all my friends. That was such a beautiful party! She made all kinds of baked goods and delicate sandwiches. I remember feeling so grown up!

Ah, what fond memories I have when I look at our collection! If I have a daughter, I hope that we can continue collecting cups, along with Grandma, of course! If not, maybe Alex will have a little girl to continue the memories with!

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  1. What a sweet post! We will have our own tea party when I see you next! Love you!